Cross Counties Amateur Radio Club - [CCARC]

Welcome to the CCARC YSF Reflector. For more information visit the CCARC homepage at

All are welcome to use this reflector not just club members

CCARC meet regularly on Monday evevenings at around 7pm - 9pm via YSG GB-CCARC or Brandmeister DMR Talkgroup 23591 or Echolink 506929 (2E0WWV-L)

To join CCARC please signup with your callsign on our message forum at

Please be polite and leave a pause to allow other stations to enter.

Note to Wires-X button users. Please try and disconnect from CCARC before heavy use of 'Search & Direct'. This is to prevent multiple short transmissions interfereing with other users and causing DMR blockages.

If your callsign becomes blocked after using the X button, try waiting a minute to see if the ban is lifted automatically.

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About the Dashboard

This Dashboard uses websockets-technology to transfer data from host to client. It actually uses the logfile of the YSFReflector by G4KLX to get the entries into the different tables.

If you have any ideas or issues feel free to leave a comment/issue in github.